Financial Systems Migration

Financial Systems Migration Services

Although this sounds as though it should not be of interest to the local small and medium sized business owner, it is in fact an area that could save you a lot of time and money.

Sick of Sage?

Then this is the service that will help you get rid of the monster around your neck

Many businesses have been sold accounting systems that were appropriate for the accountant recommending them, but highly inappropriate for the businesses that have to use them. 

Until recently, you were stuck with the cumbersome product that you were sold, plus the expensive support services and upgrades that you are required to subscribe to.

The introduction of online accounting systems has revolutionised the way that business accounts can be prepared and shared. At PGA we have embraced the online accounting systems and have diligently reviewed the market for what we see as the best of their kind. We currently use Clear Books and Quick Books, both are online systems and are designed with the business owner in mind rather than their accountant.

These online systems are taking some time to penetrate the traditional High Street Accountants as there are no juicy upfront commissions for selling the product, however, we care more about our long term relationship with our clients than making a bundle of money on software that we know they will not be able to use without intensive training and support. If you had wanted to be an accountant you would have made that decision some time ago.

We have extensive experience in Financial Systems Migration of data to new accounting online cloud accounting systems that have been specifically designed for small business owners to use rather than the cumbersome old school Sage packages that required an accounting degree just to log on. We use both Clear Books and Quick Books online as we find these offers the best functionality to our clients and provide value for money at just £19 per month.

We can transfer the data from your current accounting system onto the new online systems at a very reasonable cost, as we have experience in Financial Systems Migration the prices that we charge will not cause you sleepless nights (unlike your current desktop accounting system.

We will manage the data transfer and have you up and running with the new system within a week, we do of course provide initial training and support for the online systems, however, this is normally minimal as they have been designed to be simple to use.

If you are having issues with your current desk top accounting system and wish to discuss the options please phone Phil direct on 01666 822256 and we are confident that we can help you.