Fixed Fee Accounting

Price Guarantee One

Fixed Fee Accounting is a relatively new concept that replaces the normal charging methods used by the traditional old school High Street Accountants.

Instead of quoting you a figure and then adding up the time taken and the seniority of the people who do the work and review the accounts, we at Philip Gurnhill Accountants use our judgement and experience to quote you a fixed fee that we guarantee will not change during the year and will not be subject to any add ons.

We have many year experience in providing fixed fee services and are able to provide you with a very competitive quote after our short initial conversation about your business and the volumes involved.

We never take your business for granted so we ensure that we provide you with a quote that will be attractive and deliver the quality of service that you would expect from Qualified Accountants.

We base our Fixed Fee Accounting Services on the volume of work and the complexity of your requirements, we also take into account the work that our clients are prepared to do to assist us in making the process as smooth as we can. We DO NOT increase our quotation just because you have a profitable business, it is solely based on our estimate of the work involved.

For more information regarding Fixed Fee Accounting, please use the contact form at the top of this page or call us on 01666 829013.