Philip Gurnhill Accountants

Philip Gurnhill Accountants: Why Us

Philip Gurnhill Accountants are based in Malmesbury and managed by Philip Gurnhill, who has lived locally for over 20 years. Phil has been running his own independent Accountancy practice for over 8 years and specialises in Start Ups, Contractors and Small / Medium sized businesses within a 30 mile radius of Malmesbury.

Phil is a Chartered Management Accountant qualifying when he was 25. He has a varied back ground in industry, achieving senior financial posts in companies involved in printing, property, telecoms, and power generation. He also has substantial experience as a project manager with world class management consultancies having worked on various projects throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Our ethos is to save our clients time and money by offering no nonsense advice, Fixed Fee Prices agreed in advance and getting to know our clients as people rather than just businesses. Proactive advice is something of a cliché used on every accountants website, however, we always try to be one step ahead, we will ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax that is legally possible, together with our unique price guarantees, we offer the perfect accounting solution to local businesses

All clients have the direct mobile number of Phil, so he can be contacted any time an issue crops up or advice is required quickly.

We have embraced technology to make the process of preparing accounts quicker and easier for you, the client. Unless physically forced, we will not send you letters, all our contact is by email or phone.

Although we are Accountants in Malmesbury, our accounting systems are mainly based online so clients can have access to their figures all day every day should they so wish, we also prepare accounts from spreadsheets, ledger books and of course direct from the paper invoices. Whichever method you prefer and saves you time we will use.

Our office is based in Malmesbury but our clients are based in an area that includes, Cirencester, Swindon, Chippenham, Stroud and everywhere in between.

Phil is assisted by a small team who work in the Malmesbury offices as well as specialist book keepers who work remotely through our online accounting systems. All client advice and preparation of final accounts are the absolute responsibility of Phil, as is all the tax work that is involved in ensuring that you pay the least amount legally possible.

As Chartered Management Accountants we are covered by a code of Ethics which is rigorously adhered to, in addition Phil would personally like to point out that we do not promote offshore tax avoidance schemes, nor would we ever accept commissions from managers of offshore tax avoidance schemes.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our business please use the contact form at the top of this page or of you prefer call us on 01666 829013.