Taxation Services

Our Taxation Services are provided to Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Individuals.

Our Taxation Services for Limited Companies meet the requirements set down by HMRC for the preparation and submission of annual Corporation Tax Returns. All Limited Companies have to prepare a Corporation Tax Return within 12 months of their Accounting year end date. Philip Gurnhill Accountants are Qualified Chartered Management Accountants and have many years experience preparing Corporation Tax Returns and providing Taxation Services for Limited Companies.

Partnerships and Sole Traders have different requirements as they are taxed under the self assessment system. The businesses still require our taxation services but they are not subject to the same formatting requirements as Limited Companies. We use the most up to date and advanced software to ensure that the taxation service we provide are accurate and timely, our Accounting Services and years of experience ensure that all of our clients pay the minimum tax that is legally possible.

Our Personal Taxation Services are provided to Individuals and Landlords that are required to prepare and submit a Self Assessment Tax Return each year. More information regarding Personal Taxation Services can be found elsewhere on the website.

Whatever your requirements regarding business or personal taxation services, we have the experience and the up to date knowledge to provide advise that will save you money, For further information, please use the contact form at the top of the page or call us on 01666 829013.